Austin Evans, a YouTuber who sparked controversy recently by claiming that the new PS5 model released by Sony is actually worse than the original version, has posted a fresh video defending his criticism of the hardware.

The new PS5 model, which features a bunch of internal changes, went on sale in multiple regions last month and Evans was able to obtain one of the console’s for himself. After posting a video claiming the system is actually worse than the launch PS5 models, he’s now defended his position after receiving a tidal wave of abuse online.

What I saw was that the new PS5 runs hotter. And with the thermal images that I was able to take, plus the fact that I tore open the PS5 and saw that Sony has significantly reduced the size of the heat sink, putting two and two together I determined that it is a downgrade compared to the first model.

Now, a lot of people have taken issue with that. Some people have said that maybe it’s more like thermally efficient, for example, but my argument there would be that just doesn’t square with the laws of physics.

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The PS5, it just simply has a smaller heat sink. There’s less aluminium, there’s less copper, there’s less material, there’s 300 grams less. And the laws of physics pretty simply dictate that there’s less material and less surface area to remove that heat off of the chip.

As previously reported, the new PS5 model uses a new numbering scheme compared to launch models, specifically CFI-11XX instead of CFI-1XXX.