No flour? No problem—and we mean it. From refreshing key lime pie to our personal favorite, flourless chocolate cake, there are many wonderful desserts you can still make.

If you’re on a baking roll (no pun intended), you’ve probably made a few batches of cookies or maybe a loaf of banana bread, but if your flour supply is running low, and you can’t seem to find it at your local grocery stores, don’t worry. We’re here to remind you that sweet treats can take many different forms, not all of which require flour. Creamy chocolate pie, caramel scotcheroos and the rest of these recipes will reward your sweet tooth and keep you busy, if you’re looking for a kitchen project. Who knows, you might even stumble upon a new favorite dessert—we recommend the S’mores Slab Pie!—or master that recipe you’ve always dreamed of making—meringues, crème brulee and pots de crème are all waiting for you!