Johnny Knoxville smiling

The storyline between "Jackass" star Johnny Knoxville and Sami Zayn might have been put to bed in the ring during their insane WWE WrestleMania 38 encounter, but that doesn’t mean Knoxville is done winding up the former Intercontinental Champion just yet.

Even with his involvement in WWE finished, the popular actor is still trolling his rival in the comment sections of Instagram posts. When Zayn shared a photograph of himself on his Instagram profile while he was at a restaurant, claiming he was "something of a foodie," Knoxville showed up in the comments.

"Something of a foodie, you’re something of a s*** waffle," Knoxville said.

Zayn did take the time to respond, saying, "I can’t even talk about enjoying a nice meal without this psycho stalker harassing me!"

The feud between Zayn and Knoxville started before the WWE Royal Rumble event at the beginning of the year and culminated in their WrestleMania match. Both men committed heavily to the angle, which included Zayn crashing the "Jackass Forever" red carpet premiere event and being thrown out, while Knoxville paid for Zayn’s phone number to be flown on a banner across the sky via a plane, leading to Zayn being swarmed with messages. The inventive angle culminating in an equally inventive Anything Goes match that saw many of the cast and characters from the "Jackass" world appearing, including Party Boy and Wee Man, with a finish involving a giant mousetrap. It was widely praised by fans and members of the industry alike, with Zayn having since claimed it’s one of his all-time favorite matches.