Adam Copeland aka Edge

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has been there and done it all, but he wants to pass on his wrestling knowledge to the next generation of superstars.

Edge recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open and revealed that he’s excited to be working with the current crop of WWE talent. Furthermore, the 48-year-old wants the locker room to know that he’s always around if they want to pick his brain.

"I’d like to think everybody there knows I’m there, so what do you need? Do you want advice on something? They know I’m wide open. I don’t have my own locker room. I don’t have a bus. I’m in with the boys and we’re talking and we’re working through things."

The "Rated-R Superstar" also revealed that he made himself productive while he was out of action with a tricep injury in 2020. However, after a short stint on the WWE creative team, he decided that he wanted to be more hands-on with the talent.

"I didn’t want to ostracize myself and it didn’t feel right. So I said, well, who needs help with promos? Give me seven people and I’ll zoom with them an hour a day and I will try and help them find a semblance of something that they can connect to and it will translate in the promo, because I find if you have one element of truth in a promo, you can bite into it and it should flavor the rest. So that is fascinating to me and that’s fun."

Edge’s appearance on Busted Open comes after recent comments he made about rising stars finding it difficult to get over in WWE due to the company’s current format.