WWE's Rey Mysterio

As one of the most famous luchadors of all time, Rey Mysterio is a performer that likes to stick to the traditions of lucha libre. That includes some of the more unique traditions, including keeping CM Punk’s hair in a bag. The WWE star, who shaved Punk’s head back in 2010, revealed during an interview with Inside the Ropes that he still has Punk’s hair.

"I still have some of his hair in a little Ziploc bag, with the date," Mysterio said. "That’s what we do in lucha libre. If you have a mask vs. mask match, if you win and take your opponent’s mask, then you keep it as a trophy. If you have a mask vs. hair or a hair vs. hair match, and you happen to win?

"I learned this from my uncle just from growing up in lucha libre. My uncle would collect the hair of his opponent, and put it in a little baggie, date it, put the name of the opponent, where it was at, and it’s kind of a souvenir [or] trophy. So I do have CM Punk’s hair in a little Ziploc bag. It’s in one of my photo albums."

As for what it was like working with Punk, Mysterio had nothing but praise for the current AEW World Champion.

"He was cool," Mysterio said. "I’ve always had a great relationship, and still to this day, have a great relationship with Phil. Punk is a great guy, despite his problems with WWE. We always got along, and during that time, he let me be me. I was always very careful with him though."

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