As you explore the world of Tower of Fantasy, you’re bound to come across statues that look a lot like the real-world mythical figure of Atlas, a kneeling statue holding a large sphere. These objects are called Singularity Rocks, and opening them will always award a Gold or Black Nuclei.

At first glance, however, there’s no way to get the ball off the figure’s shoulders. Thankfully, finding out how to open these Rocks is easy, and you’ll have access to it early in the game.

Cracking Singularity Rocks

To open Singularity Rocks, you need a Relic item called the Strange Cube. There are 20 Relics in total in the game. While you’ll be grinding a lot to unlock most of them, some are available as part of either story or optional content, particularly the Ruin dungeons. You’ll find the Strange Cube in one such Ruin, specifically A-02 in the southeast of the Astra region.

You’ll want to clear A-02 early, as the larger Banges, Crown, and Nivea regions have a fair few Singularity Rocks to gather Nuclei from. You need to be Level 15 and should have a CS of just 600 to access the Easy mode of A-02, and you get the Strange Cube shortly after entering the Ruin.

Equip the Strange Cube through the Relics menu and deploy it to one of your quick select slots. Using it next to a Singularity Rock will knock the orb off the statue’s shoulders, revealing its hidden reward.

Using the Cube will always trigger a 30-second cooldown, even if it didn’t hit anything, so be mindful of where you are when you activate it.

As you upgrade the Cube with Relic Shards, it becomes more useful in battle, increasing your damage dealt once used. There are better options for endgame activities and especially for PvP, but use anything enough, and you’ll quickly learn its best applications.

That’s all there is to opening Singularity Rocks in Tower of Fantasy. It’s a pretty simple process, provided you have the item. We’ve also covered other topics in the game, including how to get Mighty Mushrooms, open cracked rock walls, and more. Check our Tower of Fantasy guides hub for more.