Welcome to Wrestling Inc.’s results on September 1, 2021!

The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) will be putting their "Impact" World Tag Team Championships on the line against Honor No More’s Matt Taven and Mike Bennett. The ongoing issues between Bullet Club and Honor No More led the two teams to participate in a ten-men tag team match a few weeks ago at Emergence, with the condition being that if Honor No More won, Taven and Bennett earned themselves a shot at the Tag Team Championships. Honor No More came out on top, but the question remains: Will Taven and Bennett be able to bring home the gold?

Masha Slamovich will be facing off against one half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Deonna Purrazzo, in a #1 Contenders match. The winner will go on to face Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts Championship at Bound for Glory on October 7. Following her Knockouts Title match against Mia Yim at Emergence, the two women were about to shake hands, but were interrupted by Slamovich after she came to the ring and handed Grace a death warrant. Meanwhile, Purrazzo pinned Grace during their Knockouts Tag Team Championships match last week. She felt that she was entitled to a match with Grace for her title and expressed her feelings to Gail Kim, who made the match official.

"Speedball" Mike Bailey will be putting his X-Division Championship on the line against Kenny King of Honor No More. Throughout his reign, Speedball has proved time and time again that he is a fighting champion. King, who is a two-time former X-Division Champion, looks to bring the title back to his team as Honor No More looks to earn the respect they feel they aren’t given. Will King be able to do so?

Mickie James will make her return to the "Impact" Zone tonight to make a "major announcement". Following a loss to Chelsea Green, James left and rumors started swirling that she would be retiring from the squared circle. What will James have to say?

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Alex Zayne will also be taking on acclaimed luchador Mascara Dorada in single’s action. Zayne has made a handful of appearances for "Impact", facing the likes of Ace Austin, Trey Miguel, and Laredo Kid. Meanwhile, this will be Dorada’s first appearance for the company. He has worked for promotions such as NJPW Strong, CMLL and GCW, and previously worked for WWE under the name Gran Metalik.

We are live! The show begins with a video recapping the events between Mickie James and Chelsea Green, as well as what led to the tag team match later tonight. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett head to the ring, followed by the Good Brothers.

The Good Brothers vs. Honor No More for the Impact World Tag Team Championships

Anderson and Bennett begin the action. The bell rings and the two men exchange forearms. Anderson delivers a chop to Bennett before tagging in Gallows. Gallows delivers a couple of chops to Bennett in the corner before hitting several right hands. Anderson and Taven tag in. Taven delivers a spinning neck breaker, then goes for a pin but Anderson kicks out. Anderson delivers a few back elbows, but Taven fires back with a drop kick. Bennett tags back in and delivers a kick to Anderson’s face. He delivers a couple of chops to him in the corner before going for a pin. Anderson kicks out.

Taven tags in and delivers a kick to Anderson’s midsection. He hits a boot to Anderson’s face before delivering a forearm. Bennett tags in and trips Anderson. He hits a spinning lariat, then tags in Taven. Taven delivers a moonsault, but Anderson gets his knees up. He tags in Bennett and Anderson delivers a knee to his neck.

Anderson makes the hot tag to Gallows as Taven also tags in. Gallows beats him down and delivers a kick. He hits a spinning neck breaker, followed by a Pump Handle Slam. He goes for a pin, but Taven kicks out. Anderson tags in and the pair looks for a Magic Killer. Bennett makes the save, but Anderson levels him with a spinebuster. Anderson ascends to the top, but Bennett pulls him down. The pair hit the Proton Pack for the win.

Winners: Honor No More

We then head to a video hyping up Killer Kelly and her feud with Tasha Steelz.

Back from the break, we head backstage to Honor No More congratulating Taven and Bennett on their win. Edwards says that he had no doubt they could do it, but they have been doubting someone else: PCO. Maria Kanellis says she is upset about not being able to be at ringside, but she can be there for King later tonight.

Kenny King and Maria Kanellis come to the ring, followed by "Speedball" Mike Bailey.

Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Kenny King for the X-Division Championship

The bell rings and King delivers an elbow to Speedball. King sends Speedball into the corner before hitting a clothesline. The two men exchange forearms, but King gains the upper hand and delivers a powerslam. He goes for a pin, but Speedball kicks out. Speedball hits a couple of chops before King fires back with several of his own. Speedball hits a hurricanrana, followed by a knee. King delivers a head butt, but Speedball fires back with his signature rapid kicks. King hits a forearm, then suplexes Speedball into the apron.

Back from the break, King hits Speedball with a chop. He follows it up with a chop and a spinebuster. King goes for a pin, but Speedball kicks out. King hits a right hand, but Speedball fires back with a missile drop kick. King trips Speedball and Speedball hits him with a kick. Speedball hits a corkscrew, then goes for a pin but King kicks out. Speedball hits a kick on King’s neck. King looks for a kick on Speedball, but he accidentally hits the referee. He delivers a low blow, then goes for a pin, but there is no one to count the fall. He hits a kick as a new referee comes to the ring. He goes for a pin, but Speedball kicks out. Speedball hits a super kick, but King rolls up Speedball. Maria helps him grab the ropes for the "win".

The original referee then overturns the decision and announces the match will continue. King sends Honor No More away before Speedball hits King with a moonsault. Speedball hits a kick, then looks for the Ultima Weapon, but King catches him. He gets Speedball up on his shoulders, but Speedball counters it into a hurricanrana for the win.

Winner: "Speedball" Mike Bailey

We head backstage to Brian Myers. He approaches Scott D’Amore and demands to be given a new Digital Media Championship. D’Amore says he is the most professional wrestler and encourages him to get it back on his own. Myers agrees to that, but Bhupinder Gujjar appears out of nowhere and clocks him.

Back from the break, we head backstage to Jessicka, Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie celebrating Jessicka’s win last week with some drinks. She says they should go after the Knockout’s Tag Team Titles. Rosemary puts a pin in the idea, saying she is a distraction. Valkyrie says they should test Jessicka during her match next week with Chelsea Green and Rosemary agrees. They cheer and clink glasses.

We head backstage to Gia Miller and Aussie Open. She asks why they are here and they say they are looking to dominate the world. They say they are looking to win the Impact Tag Team Champions and tell Bullet Club that they will learn next week why they run the world.

We hear screaming and Miller gestures to the camera person to follow her. Moose and Steve Maclin are arguing ahead of their Barbed Wire Everywhere Death Match against Sami Callihan. Maclin leaves and Moose heads in Miller’s direction. When she asks what the argument was about, he brushes past her.

We head backstage to VBD. Young says that they failed to revile the sickness. He wishes Joe Doering well and tells him their paths will cross again. Doering walks off before Deaner asks Young if he’s leaving too. Young says he is, and it’s up to Deaner whether or not he follows.

Back at ringside, Mickie James heads down with a mic in hand.

We hear from Mickie James

James thanks the fans for being here. She thanks management for letting her have the floor and says November will be 24 years since she first stepped into a wrestling ring. She says that’s over half of her life and she has spent that time living, breathing, bleeding and crying for the business. She says the last couple of years have been a journey, from sitting at her sister’s death bed to her release six months later. She says that all of the criticism and negativity hurled at her got in her head, but fans helped to ground her.

James continued on to say she had one of the greatest runs of her career after winning her latest Knockout’s Title. She said that after she lost her belt to Tasha Steelz and subsequently being betrayed by Chelsea Green, it set her back even further. It made her feel like she didn’t belong anymore and said she couldn’t do it anymore. She said she took a break from wrestling to do some soul searching in order to figure out what she needed to do. She said that all she wanted to do is to give women opportunities and give women equal time. She said that if she ever got to the point where she couldn’t hang with the women back there, then she would leave.

James announces that she isn’t retiring, but says she wants to test herself. She says that she isn’t asking for a Knockout’s Title Match, but she wants to work her way up to it. She issues an open challenge to any of the women in the back and says that if she ever loses at any point in her journey, then she’s retiring. She says she promises that it will be a hell of a ride and it will end one of two ways: she will either take home the Knockout’s Title or she’s retiring.

We head backstage to Gia Miller and Josh Alexander. She asks his reaction to James’ announcement and he compliments her on being one of the greatest Knockouts ever. Alexander then addresses Eddie Edwardsa and says that they will find out who the best man is at Bound for Glory. He says that Honor No More can be as bitter as they want, and says that there’s no chance he will spit in the face of the company who helped him.

Edwards walks in and sends Miller off. Edwards says that he appreciates his loyalty, but he’s a chump for being loyal to the company. He says Heath cut him off before he said his piece. Heath comes in out of nowhere and spears him off the chair.

Back from the break, Scott D’Amore approaches Heath. He says no one likes him more than he does, but D’Amore says he can’t keep having him attack the #1 Contender. D’Amore makes a match for Heath and Edwards next week and Heath thanks him, saying it’s all he ever wanted. Heath approaches Alexander and apologizes for cutting him off. Alexander brushes him off, saying Edwards was right in that he interrupted him before he could say his piece.

Back at ringside, Alex Zayne heads to the ring, followed by Mascara Dorada.

Alex Zayne vs. Mascara Dorada – The Winner Receives An X-Division Title Shot Next Week

The bell rings and the two lock up. They hit one another with a double drop kick before they spill to the outside. Zayne hits a chop before Dorada fires back with one of his own. Zayne hits a forearm, then sends Dorada into the apron. Zayne hits an elbow drop on the apron, then hits a leg drop on the back of Dorada’s neck. Zayne hits a moonsault off the middle rope.

Back from the break, Dorada hits Zayne with a splash. He beats him down before hitting a senton off the top rope. He delivers a chop before tossing Zayne back in the ring. Dorada ascends to the top and hits a senton. He goes for a pin, but Zayne kicks out. Zayne hits a back elbow before both men ascend to the top. Zayne brings Dorada off the top with a head scissors, then hits the Baha Blast. He goes for a pin, but Dorada kicks out. Zayne hits a kick, but Dorada fires back with a DDT. He hits the Dorada Driver for the win.

Winner: Mascara Dorada

We head backstage to Mickie James and Jordynne Grace. Grace says that she admires James and says she looks forward to their future Knockouts title shot after James works her way back up.

Back from the break, commentary run down the card for next week’s "Impact". VXT heads to the ring, followed by Masha Slamovich.

Masha Slamovich vs. Deonna Purrazzo in a #1 Contenders Match for the Impact Knockout’s Championship

The bell rings and Slamovich stares Purrazzo down. The two lock up before Slamovich sends Purrazzo into the corner. Purrazzo hits a hurricanrana, but Slamovich whips her around the ring by her head and delivers a kick to her back. Purrazzo rolls out of the ring and VXT looks to leave. Slamovich grabs Purrazzo and tosses her back in the ring. Green tries to tie Slamovich up, but Slamovich fights her off.

Back from the break, Purrazzo hits Slamovich with a clothesline. She goes for a pin, but Slamovich kicks out. Purrazzo hits a forearm across Slamovich’s back, then goes for a pin but Slamovich kicks out. Purrazzo hits a standing moonsault, then goes for a pin but Slamovich kicks out once again. Slamovich hits a shoulder to Purrazzo’s midsection, then goes for a backslide but slamovich kicks out. Slamovich hits a knee, followed by a spin kick. She goes for a pin, but Purrazzo kicks out. Slamovich hits a forearm before Purrazzo returns the favor with a kick. Slamovich hits several head butts before Purrazzo hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Purrazzo locks in the Fujiwara Arm Bar, but Slamovich makes it to the bottom rope. Purrazzo sends Slamovich shoulder first into the ring post, then follows it up with three German Suplexes. Purrazzo looks for Queen’s Gambit, but Slamovich counters it into the Air Raid Crash into the bottom turnbuckle. She goes for a pin, but Purrazzo kicks out. Green causes a distraction, allowing Purrazzo to hit the Queen’s Gambit. She goes for a pin, but slamovich kicks out. Purrazzo looks for the Fujiwara Arm Bar, but Slamovich hits the spinning back fist. She hits the Snow Plow for the win.

Winner: Masha Slamovich

After the match, Jordynne Grace comes to the ring with an envelope in hand. She hands it to Slamovich and she opens its contents to reveal a death warrant. The two have a tense stare down as the show goes off the air.