In 2020, WWE issued a directive to their talent that they could no longer engage with third-party platforms. One of those third parties was the popular revenue-generating streaming site Twitch, which a number of WWE stars used to regularly stream and interact with fans. Not long after the directive was given, word spread the company would be taking control of talents Twitch accounts. After this move was implemented, streams by WWE talent on the site appeared to dwindle. Nevertheless, with change ongoing behind the scenes in the organization following Vince McMahon’s retirement, a current WWE superstar has reappeared on the platform.

Current "SmackDown" superstar Drew Gulak tweeted out last night that he was streaming once again on Twitch and intriguingly thanked "Papa H," alluding to WWE’s Head of Creative and EVP of Talent Relations, Paul "Triple H" Levesque. Gulak tweeted, "Yes, I am streaming on Twitch again. Thank you, Papa H! Also my cousin is here with me still and he insisted… please come ask him questions." As one could guess, fans immediately asked Gulak whether WWE’s stance had now changed during his comeback Twitch stream, but he responded by indicating that the company’s stance remained the same, though suggested that some reports about WWE’s stance are inaccurate.

WWE’s move to stop their performers from engaging with third-party platforms stunned talent in the locker room, particularly regular Twitch streamer Zelina Vega, who reportedly stood up to the company about the decision. This ultimately played a part in her release. Vega tweeted "I support unionization" just before WWE publicly announced that her contract had been terminated. Vega and WWE would seemingly patch things up, as she re-signed with the organization nearly eight months after she was let go.