The stars are finally aligning. The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power premiered last week. House of the Dragon is in full swing. And The View returned today for Season 26, with the ladies hitting back at critics for their dismay over diverse casting in both fantasy series.

Whoopi Goldberg started the conversation with a disclaimer, telling the audience, “I want to start by saying these are not real.”

She explained that while the new Lord of the Rings series and the Game of Thrones prequel are “massive hits” that “don’t exist in the real world,” critics are claiming creators were “too woke” by adding diverse characters. She said, “there are no dragons, there are no hobbits,” before questioning, “Are you telling me black people can’t be fake people too?”

Goldberg continued, “I don’t know if there’s, like, a hobbit club, I don’t know if there are gonna be protests. But people: what is wrong with y’all?”

Co-host Sunny Hostin jumped in saying, “Whoopi and I are sci-fi and fantasy nerds so I love it so much. I especially love Mr. [Steve] Toussaint, who plays the very sexy Black man [in House of the Dragon], the rich Black man with dreads.”

She went on to echo Toussaint’s sentiments, in which he previously said, “They are happy with a dragon flying. They’re happy with white hair and violet-colored eyes, but a rich Black guy? That’s beyond the pale.”

Back on Goldberg, she told viewers that these critics are going to lose their minds when they see the new live-action Little Mermaid, in which Halle Bailey is starring as Ariel.

“I don’t want to upset the mermaids who are watching the show. Because I know there are many communities of mermaids of various colors,” she quipped. “And when I say various colors, I’m not playing. There are violet mermaids, there are pink mermaids, there are Black mermaids, there are Latina mermaids, there are mermaids of every ilk. And you know why there can be? Because it’s the world that we would like to see better. We would like to see as many people represented in fantasy as exists.”

Goldberg added, “So all y’all who have problems because there are Black hobbits: get a job.”

New co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin chimed in adding that people who take the time to make these complaints need to “get a hobby,” while Joy Behar said, “It’s just racist. Call it what it is.”

As for Hostin, she advised that people “watch Mr. Toussaint because he’s really cute.”

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