Lonzo Ball Quick Facts

Do you know these 7 interesting facts about NBA star Lonzo Ball? He’s a popular NBA basketball star and a member of the controversial Ball family. Lonzo was the second draft pick to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2017. He’s a fast-paced point guard who played for the New Orleans Pelicans and the Chicago Bulls.

With two baller brothers and an outspoken Dad it’s a wonder that Lonzo Ball gets noticed. He’s one of the quieter members of his family. His father LaVar Ball usually gets the spotlight with his showmanship, but Lonzo Ball proves himself on the basketball court. He’s a young, talented all-around player with a world of potential.

Pop File: Lonzo Ball

Birthday: October 27th, 1997

Height: 6 ft. 6 in.

Weight: 190 lbs.

Shoe Size: 9

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Black

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

1. One of the youngest players to score a triple double

Lonzo Ball is a real triple threat on the court. He is one of the youngest NBA players to score a triple double in a game. He scored 11 points, 11 assists, 16 rebounds and 3 blocks in a single NBA game when he was just 20 years old.

Ball was the youngest record holder until January 2022 when rookie Josh Giddey earned the top spot at just 19 years old. Lonzo Ball is in excellent company. Some of the top 5 NBA players to score a triple double at a young age are Lebron James, Markelle Fultz, and Ball’s brother LaMelo Ball.

2. He Was a Star Player in His Early Life

Triple doubles weren’t a new thing for Lonzo Ball. At Chino Hills High School in California, Ball averaged a triple double every single game. He was clearly in another stratosphere. During his junior year, Lonzo Ball averaged 10 defensive takeaways per game.

In his senior year, Lonzo Ball led the team to a 35-0 season. Some of his early basketball awards include the Naismith Prep Player of the Year, Morgan Wootten National Player of the Year, and USA Today Boys Basketball Player of the Year.

3. Who Is Lonzo Ball dating?

Lonzo Ball was linked to Instagram influencer Denise Garcia for quite a while. They were high school and college sweethearts. Together they welcomed a daughter in 2018, but there was a shake-up after that. The relationship didn’t last. Lonzo Ball is currently dating Ally Rossel. The two were first photographed together at a Halloween party in Chicago in 2021.

4. Lonzo Ball Loves Rap Music

Have you ever wondered what type of music your favorite athletes listen to? Well, Pandora partnered with Lonzo Ball to create a curated playlist of Ball’s favorite songs. Lonzo Ball is a huge fan of Lil Baby, Young Thug, and Gunna. All three of these artists have multiple entries on Lonzo Ball’s Pandora playlist. He also has a few of his own songs sprinkled into the mix.

5. Lonzo Ball Has Musical Talent of His Own

In 2018, Lonzo Ball dropped his own mixtape called “Born 2 Ball”. With 17 tracks and professional production, Ball’s rap career could be legit. His rap style is a facsimile of ATL favorites from his Pandora playlist and the ATL Zaytoven sound. Hip-hop’s elites must’ve missed the call for features for Ball’s mixtape. He raps almost exclusively on the Born 2 Ball mixtape. He isn’t signed to any label yet. His release was through the family-owned production company.

6. Lonzo Ball Hated His Own Signature Shoe

Lonzo Ball had his own signature shoe before he even finished his first season in the NBA. In 2017, the family-owned Big Baller Brand released the first Z02 sneaker. It was criticized for being so pricey. A new pair carried a cost of around $500.

The biggest problem was that Ball didn’t like his own shoe. On an episode of the LightHarted podcast, Lonzo Ball stated that the shoes ripped while he was wearing them and had to go through 4 pairs a game.

Kobe Bryant wasn’t a fan of Lonzo Ball’s signature shoe – the Z02. In an interview with CNBC, Kobe questioned the design and innovation of the shoe. He politely called the Z02 a gimmick. Some critics have also challenged Lonzo Ball by pointing out design similarities between the Z02 and Kobe’s signature shoe.

7. Don’t Send Him to the Free Throw Line

Lonzo Ball isn’t the best free throw shooter. According to stats from basketballreference.com, Lonzo Ball put up a 45% shot average at the free throw line in his rookie year. It didn’t improve until the 2020-21 season. At least he’s shooting in the seventies now but that wasn’t always the case.

Lonzo Ball’s greatest competition is his own potential. Critics seem to agree that he could be one of the brightest stars of the NBA. Yet, there’s always an “if”. If he can stay healthy and keep perfecting areas of his game, Lonzo Ball will be headed for the history books. His skills speak for themselves.

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