Katie Couric stands in front of a hydrangea shrub holding her dog and wearing a straw hat with a black ribbon around it


Reap the benefits of this easy-to-execute tip.

Hydrangeas are a summer staple, and a lush bouquet of the blue, pink, white, or green flowers can brighten up any space. And while the colorful shrubs can live for up to 50 years in your lawn when properly cared for, a bouquet usually only lasts for 5-9 days (which is plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of these blossoms, but still).

But it is possible to extend the life of that floral arrangement — and of course, Katie’s got a couple of hacks for that.

An avid gardener, Katie’s lush garden is home to all kinds of flowers, including periwinkle-colored hydrangeas, vibrant dahlias, and yellow daffodils. (Don’t just take our word for it — take a virtual tour of her colorful garden.)

This first clever tip on how to make your hydrangeas last comes courtesy of Katie’s friend Lori, and all you need are pruning shears and a hammer to make it happen. Katie shows us the steps (all two of them) in her TikTok video, and they couldn’t be simpler to execute.


You’ll want to first start off by removing any extra leaves towards the bottom of the stem. Then, you’ll take your pruning shears and carefully scoop out a little bit of what Katie calls “the pulpy stuff at the end of the stem” (also called “pith”). From there, you’ll want to lay the stems down on a flat surface, grab your hammer, and smash the edges of the stems so they’re more flat. Pop them in water, and you’ll see they retain that lush look for just a little longer.

And if you’re noticing that your bouquet is looking a little wilted, Katie’s got a fix for that, too. This one comes courtesy of TikTok, and all you’ll need to perk up those petals is to submerge your bouquet in water (a bucket or a tub like Katie’s works great). Just a pro tip, though: You’ll want something heavy to weigh down your bouquet so it stays under the water. Leave the hydrangeas overnight to soak, and in the morning they should look full of life again!


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