Impact Wrestling Digital Media Champion Brian Myers might have a lot on his mind at the moment, but his wrestling legacy is not among the focal points of his attention.

"[It’s] not something I’m thinking about," he said during an appearance on YouTube’s "Gimme a Hull Yeah!" "You know, my 5-year-old daughter just started to take interest in wrestling, where she previously hadn’t at all. So, she’s been asking me so many questions, and then one of them she asked me recently, it was like when I was going to stop wrestling. And I was like, ‘I don’t really want to stop until at least I’m 50.’"

The 37-year-old Myers added that he has "a long ways to go before I can think about my legacy. I think ultimately, what’s important to me is the respect of my colleagues, really. That’s kind of it."

Although Myers defined himself as "not a person that lives in hindsight, like coulda-woulda-shoulda," that’s not to say he doesn’t pause for introspection. When asked what he learned about himself during the course of his near 20-year career, he jokingly said, "I would hope I matured since being 18 years old."

"And, then I think the biggest thing for me is not losing my mind about things I can’t control," he continued, admitting that "can be frustrating in a predetermined industry … you can’t change certain things [about] the way things are done. And that’s something that I’ve learned to kind of roll with the punches about."

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