joker dc comics

DC Comics has often given away the names of their villains. After all, the backstories and histories of these fictional criminals have often been a highlight for many fans. However, the real name for one of the brand’s most recognizable villains, The Joker, has remained a mystery. Now DC seems to have finally confirmed just what his name really is.

As revealed in the latest issue of Flashpoint Beyond, titled Flashpoint Beyond #5, fans are taken back to the universe which began with Flashpoint and led to the New 52 era. This universe is remembered for including a version of Thomas Wayne that becomes Batman and a version of his wife, Martha, who becomes that universe’s Joker. In this story, however, she’s visited by Psycho-Pirate who visits her universe. She manages to ask the character about Earth-0 and the life of her son, Bruce Wayne, who was otherwise killed in her universe.

As she learns about how he became a hero, she asks Psycho-Pirate for the name of the Joker. And, before she finally kills him, he does manage to reveal the name of the Earth-0 Joker. And, as it turns out, his name is none other than “Jack Oswald White.” It was further revealed that he worked at Wayne Casino as a custodian and failed comedian. He’s further revealed to have had a wife and son at home.

This is certainly a fascinating revelation. Especially when you consider that Joker has used the first name “Jack” in the past. This happened to be his name in the 1989 Batman film where Jack Nicholson played the notorious villain. The name continued to be adopted for a number of other Batman projects. And, while projects like the 2019 film Joker used a brand-new name for the character with Arthur Fleck, this is a reveal that goes back to the comic book canon.

It’s unknown how far back this “Jack Oswald White” name is supposed to go. But for the time being, this seems to be the most legitimate name given to the Joker yet. The new issue of Flashpoint Beyond comes from Geoff Johns, Tim Sheridan, Jeremy Adams, Mikel Janin Xermanico, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Jordie Bellaire, and Rob Leigh.