PCO is known to have had some legendary encounters with WWE stars during his time with the company in the 90s. What’s a little less known is that PCO had an in-ring encounter with two WWE stars of today — in 2003 PCO wrestled a triple threat match in the Montreal based IWS with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. PCO told Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman some of the details.

"We had a great match," PCO said, "Probably a top ten match for the three of us. It was just one of those nights where everything clicked. It was just on point. The story was good…The crowd was on fire."

PCO went on to speak highly of the two’s potential from very young ages. "Kevin was labeled as one of the biggest prospects. He was only 14. And Sami would’ve been 18 or 19 when he was labeled probably the guy with the most potential in the IWS." PCO is misinformed, as the match would’ve taken place when Owens was closer to 18-19. Owens began training at 14.

Speaking more on Owen’s potential, PCO said, "Right from the get go he was so athletic. He was doing things no one else could do. He had it too: the way to walk to the ring, the whole presence. He had it in himself."

The former ROH World Champion didn’t want any mistake made, the pair still worked to get where they are now. "[success] wasn’t handed on a silver plate. They really worked for it. They were labeled as future top prospects, but obviously it didn’t come that easy."