HOOK is gearing up for quite the tag team match in his home state. The FTW Champion recently had a successful title defense against "Cool Hand Ang" Angelo Parker on the All Out Zero Hour pre-show. After the match, "Daddy Magic" Matt Menard attacked HOOK, but rapper Action Bronson cleared the ring to make the save.

It has been announced that HOOK and Bronson will team up to take on Parker and Menard at "AEW Rampage: Grand Slam" on September 23. The action will be held inside Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City with the "Rampage" edition being taped on September 21 following "Dynamite."

During an appearance on "SUPERSTAR CROSSOVER," HOOK discussed his relationship with Bronson, the man responsible for his theme song.

"Me and Action, we’ve been acquaintances since I was in like middle school," HOOK said. "We’ve been acquaintances for a long time and then once I was training to become a wrestler, we hopped in the ring, we rolled around a bit together and this was before I had debuted. He gave me clearance to use any of his music, which as a lifelong fan of his was incredible. I put a lot of thought into that, I went with ‘The Chairman’s Intent.’"

HOOK then discussed teaming with Bronson and his plans to end his feud with Menard and Parker.

"Just a couple weeks ago at All Out after my match, I was jumped by ‘Daddy Magic’ after winning against ‘Cool Hand Ang’ defending my FTW Title," HOOK said. "They jumped me and Action came in and he was an equalizer. He had my back and I think we’re looking to even things out with them."