Several weeks back, AEW put together a compulsory talent meeting backstage, and while Tony Khan did most of the speaking during that, the EVPs (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) also addressed the talent. However, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, some of the comments that Omega made during that time irked some of the talent on the roster. The former AEW World Champion reportedly gave a pep talk to those in attendance, but that also included some tough love. Omega apparently claimed that eight out of 10 of the people he wouldn’t have hired, which was the line in question that apparently caused the frustration.

It is confirmed that he said that line during the meeting, but one version of events stipulates that he was simply joking in this moment. Omega was looking at Will Ospreay, with whom he has been feuding with online and in the ring during the recent AEW World Trios Championship tournament, but he was apparently just messing with the Englishman, and many laughed about it.

However, while some found the comment to be a joke, others took it seriously and were upset about the comment. There was reportedly a split amongst those at the meeting, with some believing it was misinterpreted, and then taken out of context, but there were certain wrestlers that did not like what he had to say. Outside of that comment, Omega did also say that the energy of the locker room was more positive when the company first started, which was taken as him trying to recreate that amongst those currently signed with AEW.

The recent post-AEW All Out backstage brawl took place after this meeting, which led to Omega being suspended by Khan, and another meeting took place before the following "AEW Dynamite," with Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley addressing the talent this time around.