A blue background with Teams and TikTok logos on the sides and a heart emoji in the middle

Although many of our readers don’t seem to be fans of Microsoft Teams, the online communication and collaboration software is still used by millions of customers each month. Its usage appears to be more skewed towards the enterprise sector where getting calls in hybrid and online work environments is a regular occurrence.

In order to mix things up a bit, Microsoft has formally collaborated with a TikTok influencer who goes by the name of "CandyMoore.mp3" on social media platforms to remix its default Teams ringtone and add it to the app.

CandyMoore.mp3 has been posting his remix on his TikTok account frequently and it has been gaining a lot of traction. Its popularity has led to Microsoft introducing the remix as an official ringtone in the Teams app. You can check out his video above and the official Teams remix rendition below:

Fortunately, the remix isn’t being enforced upon Teams customers. Those who do like it can head over to the Teams app and navigate to Settings > Calls > Ringtones. The drop-down there should automatically populate with the "Remix" option, which you can then select. Since the desktop and web apps are in sync with their mobile counterpart, making this change on either should propagate it to your mobile too. That said, if you don’t see the Remix option in the drop-down, make sure that your Teams app is updated.

What do you think of the new Remix ringtone for Teams, will you be using it? Let us know in the comments section below!