Chris Jericho has recalled the time Vince McMahon made his botched spot even worse. Jericho had long been a WWE fixture, and at one point he even vowed never to work for another wrestling promotion in the United States. Things obviously changed and now Jericho is working for AEW, but the multi-time WWE World Champion didn’t leave without being on the receiving end of quite the roast from McMahon.

Appearing on YoJoshMartinez’s "SUPERSTAR CROSSOVER," Jericho reflected on an embarrassing moment he had during one of his WWE matches. "One time I was working with Cesaro, and I say Cesaro because he was working as Cesaro at the time, in Las Vegas on a non-televised live event, a house show if you will, and I was wearing [knee] braces," Jericho said. "As I climbed to the top rope to do my comeback, my brace got caught on the top rope and I literally fell into the ring."

McMahon ended up adding insult to injury by showcasing the botch to more than just a few coworkers. "Well, that’s embarrassing enough as it is, but for some reason Vince McMahon got a clip of it and proceeded to show it for the next like four weeks every time everyone was in the arena going over their stuff before the show," Jericho said. "He just thought it would be great to show it over and over and over again. I’m like, ‘I wanna slap that stupid face of yours for showing this over and over again.’" Jericho mentioned that at the time of the botched spot, he was a babyface. He admitted that it was even more embarrassing since that spot was supposed to signal a shift in momentum in the match.