Michael Brockers Detroit Lions

According to a report from Field Yates, the Detroit Lions have restructured the contract of DT Michael Brockers.

Yates is reporting that the Lions have converted $4 million of Brockers’ salary into a bonus of $2 million.

By restructuring this contract, the Lions have added $2 million in cap space, giving them roughly $4.9 million in cap space.

Michael Brockers Says Detroit Lions Will Be ‘Scary’ In The Future

During a recent interview, Michael Brockers talked about the enthusiasm in the Lions’ locker room and how when they come to play, they play for a full 60 minutes.

“I mean, they knew we were coming the whole 60 minutes of the game,” Brockers said during his youth football and cheerleader camp at Dulles High School. “That’s what I love about being there and you see it generating that enthusiasm. To be in Detroit, to play in Detroit, to be aligned, you’re seeing it starting with the younger guys.

“That’s why I’m one of the older guys on the team. We have a team full of younger guys aligning into the system. It’s going to be scary to see us in the future.”

As far as himself, Brockers is entering his 11th season in the NFL and he is still focused on waking up each morning and trying to get better at his craft.

“Right, just having that integrity, that constant battle: ‘Do you want to get up in the morning? Do you want to get better today? Why are you doing this if you don’t want to get better?’” Brockers said. “It’s just having that integrity, working when nobody is watching you. I preach that all the time: working when no one is watching you because what’s done in the dark will come to the light.”

Folks, you have to love what Michael Brockers has to say about the Detroit Lions and what they are building!