All Elite Wrestling has experienced a heavy degree of turmoil over the past few weeks, from a backstage brawl at AEW All Out involving CM Punk and The Elite to several high-profile talent meetings, at least one of which potentially led to heated moments. However, in the wake of all the news and suspensions, AEW banked their highest rating of the year during their most recent ‘AEW Dynamite," as the remaining locker room attempts to step it up while Punk, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega, are absent from the show.

One original AEW star, reigning TNT Champion Wardlow, joined the "Dynamite Download" podcast to talk about the feeling in the locker room and how important it is for him to currently be holding the AEW TNT title during this transitional time period.

"It’s more important now than ever, it was already necessary for me to turn it up," Wardlow said. "But where we are in the current state of AEW, it is even that much more important to amp it the f*** up. That’s just what it is, man, it’s time for everybody to step it up. Everybody that is talking about not having an opportunity, here’s your opportunity, here’s everybody’s chance to step up right now. It’s time to get back to the day one vibe. When it started, we were a family, and we survived COVID like a family. We saw each other more than we saw each other’s families, and I feel like we’re most definitely getting back, just this past week, we felt that strong bond again, and we’re on the right track now man, it’s great."