When choosing a meal delivery service, make sure to Factor in all of your needs.

This meal kit company is a bit different from the others we reviewed in our massive meal kit round up of 23 brands, as it delivers ready to heat-and-eat meals, arriving fresh to your doorstep, as opposed to a box of ingredients.

Factor is great for those on-the-go, wanting a delicious and nutritious meal but not wanting to deal with too many dishes, a trip to the grocery store and time spent cooking. That’s why Factor meals are ready in just two minutes in the microwave for a fast and easy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

This really is the meal delivery service for all, as they offer traditional meat-based meals in addition to those that have dietary preferences like Keto, vegan and vegetarian, with some choices spanning more than one category.


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Our review of Factor:

Sophie Cannon

Since I wanted a refresher for myself, I ordered an array of Factor’s meals, choosing from their rotating menu of options. Wanting to get a taste of everything, I chose meals with the Keto label like the Indian Butter Chicken with Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice, a vegetarian dish of Vegetable Ratatouille with Mascarpone Polenta, a vegan select of Three Bean Vegan Chili with Cornbread Casserole & Tofu-Based Crema and even a more premium choice with Peppercorn-Spiced Filet Mignon with Browned Butter Potato Mash, Broccolini & Peppers as a treat.

For all of the meals, the only packaging is a sleeve to slip off and a plastic-covered, microwavable tray that you just need to slit open to let out the steam. I loved that the sleeve held all the instructions for heating as well as a color-coded label to show if the meal was meat-based, fish, or veggie-based to name a few, making it easy to grab one from the fridge in a snap.

All of Factor’s meals can be heated in the microwave — just be sure to remove the cardboard cover and slit the plastic to release the steam.
For lunch at work, I microwaved my Indian chicken and rice dish for a warm and spiced meal at my desk.
Treating yourself is also easy, with options for premium meals like this steak and potato dish.

Once cooked, I noticed that somehow even the fresh shrimp and red meat dishes didn’t dry out, a problem that I have with normal cooking quite often. I was also pleasantly surprised with the spices used in each dish, not needing to add any salt or pepper.

I will mention that these meals served me best as a lunch option, with a smaller portion than what I normally want for dinner. I was able to bring them into the office with ease and use our office break room to heat-and-eat.

Who should you try Factor right now?

  • Those that love options for Keto, vegetarian and vegan options, with the ability to mix and match
  • On-the-go shoppers that want a quick meal, ready in just 2 minutes
  • Commuters that hate spending money buying lunch on-the-go
  • Solo-eaters or families, with single portions but options for all