The ladies of The View are weighing in on the alleged affair between Adam Levine and a 23-year-old model. While they all agreed that an online relationship counts as cheating, Sunny Hostin seemingly gave the Maroon 5 frontman a pass because of his rockstar status.

The conversation comes just one day after Levine denied a physical affair but admitted that he “crossed the line” with Sumner Stroh, who told her TikTok followers that the two were seeing each other for a year. She also shared screenshots from the singer, including one in which he said he wanted to name his third baby with his wife of eight years, Behati Prinsloo, after her.

Whoopi Goldberg’s disinterest in the topic was written all over her face as soon as she finished briefing the panel on the latest, with Hostin immediately asking “Why go on Instagram or social media and put all of that stuff out?”

Goldberg responded with her own confusion as to why they were covering the topic, saying, “I don’t know. That’s why I don’t even want to talk about it … Why do we have to participate? Why is The View participating? That’s what I want to know.”

Meanwhile, Alyssa Farah Griffin pointed out that “Men in the public eye, with due respect for the Instagram models out there, they go for these women who their career is built around fame and celebrity and they think they’re not gonna immediately turn and put it out there.”

“Or that they’re not gonna be featured on The View?” Joy Behar quipped.

However, Hostin added that she thinks “men go for low-hanging fruit” before seemingly coming to Levine’s defense.

“It’s not like he was like, ‘Meet me at 5 o’clock so we can get it on.’ It wasn’t like that,” she said, shrugging off the accusations. “It was an emotional cheating — which I would burn all of Manny’s clothes for. But this is different.”

She continued, “He made a mistake and he’s a rockstar.”

The best part of the segment followed thereafter with Behar’s dramatic reading of one of the messages Levine allegedly sent to Stroh.

“It is truly unreal how expletive hot you are. Like it blows my mind. You are 50 times better in person. And so am I. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha,” she read before asking, “I have a question: Who is Adam Levine?”

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