In the last two days, wrestling legend turned international movie star Dwayne Johnson has been active on Twitter a lot. That should come as no shock given the massive amount of promotion required for his upcoming film "Black Adam." While plugging the latest addition to the DC Extended Universe, The Rock has occasionally taken a momentary detour to propose unlikely dream tag team matches, like with himself and Shane "Hurricane" Helms taking on the Hardys.

But there is no time for the "Black Adam" hype train to slow down, leading to Johnson, on Wednesday morning, tweeting a new teaser for the film based on the DC Comics character of the same name.

"Long before the world of heroes and villains, Black Adam ruled it all," The Rock tweeted. "A god with zero mercy and power born from rage. The Man In Black hits theaters worldwide … ONE MONTH FROM TODAY. OCTOBER 21."

The accompanying trailer features footage from past DC films, including "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice," "Man of Steel," "Wonder Woman," "Aquaman," and "Birds of Prey," before giving us a look at what "Black Adam" next brings to the table. The film sees the infamous anti-hero emerge after 5,000 years of imprisonment, putting him on a collision course with both the heroes and villains of today.

"Black Adam" opens in theaters on Friday, October 21, and, while no sequel has officially been announced yet, Johnson has expressed his interest in playing the character more in the future, as well as potentially squaring off with others in some DCEU crossovers.