Maxwell Jacob Friedman has had several memorable feuds during his run in AEW: his rivalry with Jon Moxley leading up to their AEW World Title match at All Out 2020, his lengthy feud with CM Punk that remains unsettled, but perhaps most significant was the slow-burning saga of friend-turned-foe bodyguard, Wardlow. Their disintegrated relationship would lead to a match at Double or Nothing earlier this year in which Wardlow dominated and secured the win after a symphony of powerbombs to Friedman. Since then, Wardlow has gone on to become the TNT Champion, but despite winning that title in July, Wardlow has only wrestled six matches since then, something fans could argue has halted his momentum.

Speaking with Barstool Rasslin, MJF continued to show no sympathy for where Wardlow is currently at regarding his AEW status. "F**k Wardlow, I can tell you that much. Oh, Wardlow, here’s the world’s smallest violin for getting you insanely over," MJF said while also imitating a baby crying. "Your life’s so hard; your life’s so hard. Get the f**k out of here."

MJF recently returned to the company at this year’s All Out pay-per-view, disguising himself in a mask and deploying hired hands led by Stokley Hathaway to secure a future AEW World Title shot. Since then, he has made it clear that he will be cashing in his opportunity at the AEW World Championship shortly, regardless of who wins the vacant Title at this Wednesday’s "Grand Slam" edition of "Dynamite," Jon Moxley or Bryan Danielson. If Friedman succeeds with his cash-in, he will win his first Championship in AEW history.