The battle for Aaron Judge’s 60th home run ball was just as chaotic as you might expect.

After Judge launched his historic homer to left field in the ninth inning of Tuesday night’s comeback win against the Pirates, tying Babe Ruth for the second-most in American League history in a single season, a wild scrum broke out among the spectators in the bleachers to retrieve the ball.

Video from the seats shows a large group of men piling on top of each other in an attempt to snag it from the bottom of the pile.

Fans go for Aaron Judge’s home run ball.

The victor in retrieving the ball was 20-year-old City College of New York student Mike Kessler, who plays for the school’s baseball team.

“It bounced off someone’s hand. I reached and grabbed it and just bear-hugged it,” Kessler told The Post. “I just smothered it. It got off to the side. It was a mad pile.”

The group of students returned the ball to the Yankees in exchange for a meet-and-greet with Judge, four autographed baseballs and a signed bat. Had he held onto it, he may have fetched a large sum on the memorabilia market.

Everything to know about Aaron Judge and his chase for the home run record:

Michael Kessler (center) and friends pose with Aaron Judge

“I’m sure it hasn’t processed yet,” Kessler told The Post. “I can’t put it into words just yet.”

Kessler told ESPN he had one message for Judge.

“Try anything to come back next year,” Kessler said. “You’re the heart and soul of this ballclub.”

Judge’s home run sparked a rally that ended with Giancarlo Stanton’s walkoff grand slam to secure a 9-8 win in a wild and historic night in The Bronx.

Aaron Judge watches his 60th home run of the season

“I don’t think about numbers,’’ Judge said. “You talk about Ruth, Maris, [Mickey] Mantle, the Yankee greats, you never imagine as a kid getting mentioned with them. It’s an incredible honor.”