It’s entirely possible that a can of "whoop ass" is about to be opened on AEW television.

AEW CEO Tony Khan took to Twitter to tease the possibility of Paul Wight bringing his "Captain Insano" persona off the silver screen and into the wrestling ring. The late-night tweet was a simple GIF of "The Waterboy" main character Bobby Boucher saying "I’m gonna have to say Captain Insano" — in the film, Boucher has just been asked the name of his favorite wrestler.

Driving the point home further, Khan then tweeted the GIF again about 12 hours later. AEW has a huge show in Queens, NY tonight, and the timing of Tony Khan’s tweets suggests that Captain Insano might make his AEW debut in Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Wight has been adamant that Captain Insano is coming to AEW. The former Big Show recently said that he’d come to AEW to compete as well as to do commentary, though he noted that he wouldn’t want to take a powerbomb from Wardlow right now. Wight has been with AEW since February of last year, mainly doing commentary for YouTube shows "AEW Dark" and "AEW Dark: Elevation." He made his in-ring debut for the company at last year’s All Out, defeating QT Marshall, and has since been mainly wrestling on "Elevation," most recently getting a win over the massive Austin Green back in April. AEW filed for the Captain Insano trademark all the way back in March 2021, so Wight’s appearance as the character has likely been a long time coming, whenever it may be.