At least one WWE Hall of Famer is looking forward to the upcoming title match between Logan Paul and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, which will take place November 5 at WWE’s Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

Paul, who originally gained fame as a YouTuber, signed with WWE in June. He challenged Reigns for a title match at Crown Jewel during a press conference this past weekend in Las Vegas. Six-time world champion Booker T said on the latest episode of the "Reality of Wrestling" podcast that he thinks the match will be a hit in Saudi Arabia.

"I like it being at Crown Jewel," Booker told co-host Brad Gilmore. "Crown Jewel is not your typical WWE show or your typical WWE fans or anything like that. Crown Jewel is a spectacle. It’s about giving those fans over there a night, an extravaganza."

Booker said Crown Jewel isn’t an event that will likely feature matches fans "here in the States will really be clamoring for," but adds that fans in Saudi Arabia are "going to love it."

"It’s different over there," he said, "and Logan Paul and Roman Reigns, I think those guys are going to give a good show, no doubt about that."

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion said he sees "a bright future in professional wrestling" for Paul, who he called "a hell of an athlete."

"How far he takes it is going to be up to him and how much time he really wants to put into it, because it can really become a grind," Booker said, adding that WWE’s schedule is what will be a test for Paul "more importantly than anything."

"If he can embrace that part of this business, this kid may go a very, very long way," Booker said, noting that Paul’s match with Reigns will "be a lesson of a lifetime" for a new wrestler like Paul. "He’s going to walk away from that match a much, much better performer than when he walked in."

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