The View piled onto Sen. Kyrsten Sinema this morning, lashing out at the Arizona democrat for her chummy relationship with Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell after he praised her as “extraordinarily effective” and a “genuine moderate.” The Hot Topics table lit up with animated chatter, but the buzziest moment went down between Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin, who debated Sinema’s contributions to gun reform.

Haines expressed admiration for Sinema, praising the senator for helping to pass a bipartisan gun safety bill in June and telling her co-hosts, “We need to be working across the lines, and the gun bill — we have to remember that the legislation that went, there hasn’t been movement on guns in 30 years — was because she teamed up with the republican from Texas.”

She continued, “So even thought I can’t agree with a lot of what she does, I think everyone can cheer on when two people can say, ‘You gotta give a little. You gotta give a little to get a little.’ And right now, D.C. has gotten way too partisan.”

Hostin cut in to tell Haines, “I think the gun bill is … I wouldn’t say it’s because of Kyrsten Sinema,” delivering a skeptical look at her co-host, who clarified, “She presented it with the help of John [Cornyn].”

But Hostin credited Sen. Chris Murphy, telling Haines, “I think Chris [Murphy] from Connecticut was in large part, because of what happened in Connecticut, was in large part,” before adding, “I really think it’s a bridge too far to say Sinema saved our gun legislation.”

Haines pushed back and insisted, “She worked with John Cornyn,” but Hostin simply replied, “Which…” while raising her eyebrows. Which… we all know what that means.

Earlier in the segment, Joy Behar practically annihilated Sinema with a slew of stats, claiming nobody likes the Arizona lawmaker except for McConnell.

“She’s not popular in her own state. Fifty-five percent of women find her unfavorable, men don’t like her, white voters don’t like her, Hispanic voters don’t like her. Voters 50 and over don’t like her, younger voters don’t like her,” Behar proclaimed.

She added, “The only person who seems to like her is Mitch McConnell! And Mitch McConnell likes her because she works with him to obstruct the democrats, basically, that’s how I see it.”

Her message earned Behar a round of applause in the studio, seemingly proving The View audience is another demographic to add to Sinema’s list of detractors.

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