During the September 12 edition of "Monday Night Raw," Johnny Gargano made his long-awaited in-ring return after spending nine months away against Alpha Academy’s Chad Gable. The match saw Gargano defeat Gable with One Final Beat, overcoming outside interference from Gable’s tag team partner, Otis. The crowd was excited for the contest, chanting, "This is awesome!" while the two traded blows.

However, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash was critical of certain aspects of the match. Also, while talking about his dislike for the way the two showcased the usage of chops, Nash sarcastically labeled Gable as the new version of WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle.

"I watched the other night, it was Gargano and the new Kurt Angle, Chad Gable," Nash said during the latest episode of "Kliq This." "Gable hit him with a flipper and Gargano registered it and then he chopped him and he took an ass bump into the corner."

Nash continued his disdain for the way the two landed chops by issuing a challenge to anyone in the wrestling business who wants to chop him and deal with the reaction afterward.

"A Kliq live event, this will be the main event of the night," Nash said. "I’ll take my shirt off, you can chop me and my rebuttal is that I get to take my right elbow and hit you anywhere in your face I want to. What you’re hitting me with when you take that decision to hit me with that chop is obviously much more effective than something, especially a flipper, to the side of somebody’s head. Which doesn’t leave a mark but you can do it as a work or a shoot."

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