Minecraft: How to Find and Grow Sweet Berries

Sweet Berries are a reliable food source in Minecraft. Despite only recovering one food bar per berry, they’re incredibly helpful if you stockpile dozens or even a stack of them. They’re also a renewable source that doesn’t require you to get seeds! This guide will explain how to find and grow sweet berries in Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions.

How to Find and Grow Sweet Berries in Minecraft Java and Bedrock

Minecraft Sweet Berry Bushes

Sweet Berries initially appear as bushes in the wild. They grow in every type of Taiga biome, including regular and snowy Taigas. You’ll know you’re in a Taiga biome when you start seeing spruce trees scattered around. If you have commands enabled, you can use /locate biome minecraft:taiga and follow the coordinates to find one easily!

While Sweet Berry bushes appear often, you’re not guaranteed to find one immediately. Be sure to run around the area until you find some! You’ll know you’ve found some Sweet Berry bushes when you see small, dark-green bushes with red berries growing off them. While you might only find one, there’s a good chance you’ll find several in a group.

Once you’ve gotten your hands on some Sweet Berries, you can either begin eating or planting them! To plant Sweet Berries, place them on the ground. You’ll create a small bush, which you can bonemeal to speed up the growth. Be careful, since the bushes can damage you if you want into them! By doing this, though, you can wait for the berries to grow once more, creating an unlimited source of Sweet Berries! Alternatively, while they’re not used in any crafting recipes, you can use Sweet Berries to breed foxes.

Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation platforms.