Road Dogg has opened up about the prank he and former DX member X-Pac once pulled on actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the late ’90s.

"We walked into where D-Generation X normally dresses, and there was a sign on the door that said Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s room," Road Dogg recalled on his podcast, "Oh…You Didn’t Know". "It was early in the day when me and X-Pac arrived, so we might have pooped in the locker room and not flushed it. We didn’t do anything bad. We pooped in the toilet, but we just didn’t flush it."

"I’m not sure whose idea it was," Road Dogg continued. "It sounds like it was X-Pac’s idea, but I always blame him for everything and it totally could’ve been me and my story was to blame him while he blamed me."

Schwarzenegger graced the screens of wrestling fans on the November 11, 1999 edition of "SmackDown" to promote his movie, "End of Days." During his appearance, he was presented the World Box Office Championship by then-CEO Vince McMahon as DX jealousy watched backstage. Later on in the show. Triple H looked to launch an attack on Schwarzenegger, but Schwarzenegger managed to turn things around on The Game.

Road Dogg worked for WWE from 1994 until 2001. He later returned as a part-time performer in 2011 before transitioning into a backstage role in 2014. He went on to become the lead writer of "SmackDown" before becoming a promo coach at the Performance Center in 2019. He was rehired as the Senior Vice President of Live Events in August of this year.

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