Given the sheer number of games there are to play for us at any given time, repeat playthroughs continue to become less frequent, and that’s doubly true when the game in question isn’t a particularly short one. Then again, oftentimes, games almost seem to be designed around replays- either because of their layered gameplay mechanics, their branching storylines and choice and consequence mechanics, or other reasons entirely, games often end up requiring multiple playthroughs for players to fully grasp everything that they’re about. Here, we’re going to talk about a few such games.


The Mass Effect series has been criticized at times for not making good on its lofty promises of proper choice and consequence mechanics, but in Mass Effect 2, BioWare delivered on those promises in astounding fashion. There’s so many different ways a playthrough of the game can go, with multiple characters of varying important living or dying based on the decisions you make, not to mention the wider, more large-scale impact your choices might have. No matter how many times you make it through the Suicide Mission, you can’t help but jump back into a different playthrough where you make different decisions and see how they play out.