The Nightmare Factory isn’t just making wrestlers, it’s apparently making matches of a different sort. House of Black’s Julia Hart was on the latest "AEW Unrestricted" podcast, and had to correct one of the hosts for referring to Lee Johnson as her "boyfriend" during the interview. "I should correct you, we are engaged," Hart said to the joy of everyone on the show.

"Now it sounds weird saying boyfriend, ‘he’s my fiance,’" Hart gushed, noting that the couple didn’t want to make a big deal and didn’t even post about the news on social media. "We did meet at the Nightmare Factory. We were just friends at first, and then Lee asked me like ‘hey do you wanna like get pizza and watch wrestling?’ and I was like ‘sure.’ I don’t really have any friends in Georgia or anything and next thing you know we’re hanging out until 7am just talking and having the best time ever."

According to Hart, her and Johnson connected, only for her to fly back to her home in Minnesota. When Johnson called Hart from a TV taping, informing her that the young upstart was being considered for more TV, Hart decided to leave the midwest behind. "So I was like ‘ok I’ll move down to Georgia,’" Hart recalled, "and then we hung out pretty much every single day and probably weren’t apart for like months. Work life and real life is…we have a really good separation of it, and he’s the best. I couldn’t ask for anyone better, he’s like my dream man." It remains to be seen what becomes of the House of Black, as both leader Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews are currently on hiatus.