AEW has acquired a number of big names over the last three years and one of those includes "The Big Show" Paul Wight. A former WWE world champion, Wight joined AEW in February 2021, signing on to join the commentary team for "AEW Dark: Elevation." While he’s only competed in four matches for the All Elite brand, Wight’s absence from the commentary booth on Monday nights has been noticeable. While speaking to Robbie Fox of "My Mom’s Basement," AEW President and CEO Tony Khan revealed that Wight has not been traveling because he is hurt. Wight’s status came up as Khan discussed the possibility of seeing more intellectual properties arrive in AEW, such as Captain Insano.

"Captain Insano’s a really fun one," Khan said. "Paul, you know, seeing him bumping around has been great. Paul Wight is such an awesome presence in pro wrestling, and when he’s healthy and can be on the shows again, I do wanna feature Paul. Unfortunately, for a lot of his time in AEW, he’s been hurt. He’s great on commentary when he’s able to travel. I think that’s something he has a great future in frankly. He’s worked really, really hard at it and deserves opportunities there. I have a lot of great things to say about Paul Wight."

Wight portrayed Captain Insano in the 1998 Adam Sandler film "The Waterboy." AEW filed a trademark for "Captain Insano" in March 2021, shortly after Wight signed. Recently, Tony Khan has tweeted GIFs of the character to further fuel speculation that Wight’s cinematic alter ego may return in the near future.