The best breakfast rolls in the world just got even better. (Like, cinnamon roll swirl bread and cinnamon roll tres leches cake kind of better.) And that’s just the beginning! From indulgent breakfasts to creative desserts, there are a whole lot of delicious treats you can make when you pop a can of Pillsbury™ cinnamon rolls.

Big fan of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls all on their own? Us too! If you want to make them extra special, try a few of these icing tricks.

#1: Add some zest to the icing. We love adding a few teaspoons of lemon zest to the cinnamon roll icing in the springtime for a bright, sweet flavor.

#2: Chocolate fans, rejoice! All you need to do to make some chocolate icing for your cinnamon rolls is to mix ¼ cup of chocolate syrup with the reserved cinnamon roll icing. Garnish with fresh raspberries, fresh strawberries or even nuts like almonds for a decadent finish.

#3: Want to get your icing drizzle looking just right? Microwave the icing for about 10 seconds to make it easier to drizzle over the cinnamon rolls with a spoon. For an even more precise drizzle, transfer the icing to a small resealable food-storage plastic bag, cut off a tiny corner of the bag and gently squeeze bag to pipe icing over cinnamon rolls.

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