The backstage happenings in AEW have been a trending topic of discussion among the internet wrestling community all year, starting with Cody Rhodes leaving AEW and returning to WWE, followed by MJF’s issues with Tony Khan, then CM Punk’s backstage brawl with The Elite, and now, this week, Andrade and Sammy Guevara reportedly got into their own backstage altercation.

It’s hard not to be all ears when it comes to the AEW news dropping each week. However, one member of AEW’s new faction The Firm, Ethan Page, told "Sunday Night’s Main Event" that he’s only focused on his own business right now.

"You’re looking at a roster filled with people that spent years kind of starving together. So there’s that pocket of the locker room that has a certain bond and camaraderie that will never go away. But as far as the whole company, I don’t know," Page explained. "The only thing I know is what happens in the room with the male talent across it. Anyone else that has a name on their door, I don’t go in there. I don’t know what happens in there. I don’t know what their relationships are with the other people on the roster, nor do I care. If you don’t change with me, I don’t care."

Furthermore, Page wants fans to stop surfing the web for reports about behind-the-scenes drama and instead focus solely on what the talent is producing in the ring.

"Who cares? Literally, who cares? Who’s keeping score?" Page asked. "You guys really need to know what our relationships are like behind the scenes? Watch the damn show!"

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Sunday Night’s Main Event" with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.