Nathan Fielder Embodied Every Mets Fan During Last Night’s Game

Friday night’s Wild Card game was a big disappointment for NY Mets fans watching at Citi Field and from home with Max Scherzer, who the team secured in an expensive deal during the offseason, failing to lead his team to victory.

Over the course of the first five innings, the 38-year-old gave up seven runs on four home runs. The Mets went on to lose the game by six.

Of the many fans in attendance at Citi Field was comedian Nathan Fielder. Fielder is best known for directing and starring in the Comedy Central show Nathan for You and the HBO Max show The Rehearsal.

His monotone delivery and mundane expressions are his usual, but on Friday, it was not a skit (to our knowledge). He was simply not having a good time.

As the Mets were getting crushed, the jumbotron cut to Fielder in the stands. Although part of his glum expression was very much in line with his acting, Fielder’s face summed up how every Mets fan in the stadium felt about what was unfolding on the field in front of them.

While it is impossible to discern if he was actually as upset as he looked, both MLB and Nathan Fielders fans took to social media to post some funny reactions: