Ronda Rousey has received a wide variety of crowd reactions over the course of her career, with some arenas cheering the Baddest Woman on the Planet, while others have been somewhat less kind. During her first run in WWE following WrestleMania 34, Rousey mostly received cheers, but as rival Becky Lynch’s popularity skyrocketed, the cheers for Rousey turned into boos, and soon enough, she would turn heel.

Rousey returned to WWE at the 2022 Royal Rumble, has been kept entirely away from Lynch, and has been cheered pretty steadily since. However, she takes on Liv Morgan for the "SmackDown" Women’s Championship at WWE Extreme Rules in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the Philadelphia wrestling audience is a unique one.

""It’s like a heel crowd," Rousey said during her Tuesday Stream on Youtube. "They’ve been a bunch of haters on me before … They can be really hostile there … I don’t get excited, I get focused on like, ‘Alright. Don’t let them mess with you,’ kind of thing. Sometimes they’re like, really stoked to have me, and sometimes they’re like, ‘Ronda is the anti-Christ and we hate her.’"

According to Cagematch, Rousey has only wrestled once in Philadelphia, a 2018 live event that saw her contend with Nia Jax — Alexa Bliss and Mickey James were also involved as special guest referees. Rousey walked away with the win, and two months later, she would defeat Bliss for the "Raw" Women’s Championship, her first title since transitioning from MMA to professional wrestling.

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