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Zach LaVine: A Closer Look

Zachary LaVine is a popular NBA basketball player you’ve probably seen with the Chicago Bulls. But what else do you really know about him?

Given interest in the player, I thought I’d share some quick facts about the sports star you might not know. I’ll give you his stats and then run through the biographical information.

POP File: Zach LaVine

Birthday: March 10, 1995, Renton, WA

Height: 6’5

Weight: 185 lbs

Shoe Size: 12

Eye Color: Hazel green

Hair Color: Brown

Zodiac Side: Pisces (see Pisces man in bed)

zach lavine eyes

Zach LaVine Ethnicity & Race

Zach LaVine is considered biracial because his father is African American (Black)and his mother is Caucasian (White). LaVine’s father is named Paul LaVine. He was a professional athlete who played football in the United States Football league (USFL) and the National Football League (NFL). His mom is also athletic, playing softball.

LaVine was born in the state of Washington During his early years, he was given accolades as the state’s best high school player.

Later, he played college basketball for the UCLA Bruins. After one season at UCLA, he got into the NBA after being identified as one of the top players in the Pac-12 Conference.

As a newbie with Minnesota, he won the league’s “Slam Dunk Contest”. He was also named to the NBA “All-Rookie Second Team”. Then in 2016, LaVine became the fourth NBA player ever to win consecutive dunk contests – which is no easy task.

During his youth (meaning around the age of five) LaVine became interested in basketball after watching NBA star Michael Jordan in Space Jam. He later became a huge fan of Kobe Bryant (now deceased), and modeled his game after his childhood idols.

Zach LaVine Body

One of the things that draw fans to Zach is his body. He’s tall, lean, and muscular. In fact, he’s physique is so impressive that LaVine himself has an entire page on his website dedicated to his training program.

And it is fair to say that LaVine’s body didn’t happen by accident. He puts a lot of time, effort, and energy into what you see. Part of it is a function of regular sports training and part of it is due to a disciplined workout routine.