Anne Heche’s oldest son has reportedly revealed what he believes is the value of the late actress’ estate.

According to Homer Laffooon, Heche allegedly died with approximately $400,000 to her name, per court documents obtained Tuesday by the Daily Mail.

Laffoon reportedly said in his filing that his “best estimate on the value of all [Heche’s] personal property is $400,000.”

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Homer Laffoon has reportedly claimed that mom Anne Heche died with approximately $400,000 to her name.

He also reportedly expects to receive that same amount annually from royalties and residuals, claiming that “the probable value of the annual income from all the estate’s property is approximately $400,000.”

Additionally, Laffoon, 20, reportedly revealed that his mother lived in an apartment and did not own a home, alleging in the paperwork that she “did not have any interest in real property at the time of her death.”

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Laffoon also reportedly expects to receive another $400,000 annually from royalties and residuals.

Laffoon also provided the court with a list of what the actress allegedly owned at the time of her death, which included a few modest bank accounts, royalty payments and other income, an LLC membership interest related to her podcast, and his mother’s interest in future profits from her memoir, “Call Me Anne,” which was set to be published next year — among other things.

Laffoon, whom Heche shared with ex-husband Coleman Laffoon, has been battling Heche’s ex-boyfriend, James Tupper, for control of the actress’ estate since her death on Aug. 12 at the age of 53.

Heche had two children: Atlas Tupper, 13, and Laffoon, 20.

Homer first filed a petition to be named executor of the estate, claiming that he is “the person with the highest priority of appointment” and is “legally entitled to appointment as administrator.”

He requested that he and his younger half-brother — Heche and James’ 13-year-old son, Atlas Tupper — be listed as their mother’s sole heirs and also asked the court to appoint him as the teenager’s guardian.

Laffoon has been battling Heche’s ex, James Tupper, for control of her estate since her death on Aug. 12.
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James, 57, has opposed all of the above, claiming that Heche sent him an email in January 2011 that read, “My wishes are that all of my assets go to the control of Mr. James Tupper to be used to raise my children and then given to the children.”

Additionally, he requested to be named his son’s guardian, arguing that he is Atlas’ “father and only living parent.” He insisted that he “loves both Homer and Atlas as a father and wants the best for them both.”

Homer has since called into question the validity of the email as well as James’ motives.

Heche died after an Aug. 5 car crash that left her in a coma with severe burns and critical injuries.