The G4 network might be shuttering once again, but it looks like Xavier Woods is still going to have some friends to game with.

Claudio Castagnoli, Adam Cole, and Tyler Breeze took to Twitter to share the same video, a blank screen with a familiar score for fans of the popular "UpUpDownDown" show. Castagnoli, Cole, and Breeze all shared the same hashtag: #DaParty. While Xavier Woods didn’t share the same clip as his three comrades, the 2021 WWE King of the Ring has changed the banner of his Twitter profile to a photo of the four men playing Uno.

Da Party was a name given to the foursome on "UpUpDownDown," initially formed when COVID-19 restrictions forced Woods and the UUDD team to find new places to record content. Since the group’s formation, Castagnoli and Cole have since gone from WWE to All Elite Wrestling, while Tyler Breeze has transitioned into the role of a trainer at the WWE Performance Center since his release as an active wrestler. Breeze and Woods recently reunited on the UpUpDownDown channel, after the show was put on hiatus last year.

Woods spun his popular gaming channel into a job hosting the reboot of G4’s "Attack of the Show" when it was revived in November 2021. The network once again ceased operations recently, with many of the staff not finding out until a "Deadline" article broke the news. The crew for Woods’s G4 program "The Arena" reportedly quit as well. Woods was reportedly on an airplane when he found out.