The "Super Diva" of "WWE NXT," Quincy Elliott, has been turning heads ever since he first debuted on "WWE Level Up" back in March. His colorful, flamboyant self-expression and impressive abilities in the ring have helped him rise to prominence, enough so that he teamed up with Shotzi to host this past weekend’s Halloween Havoc show. One WWE Hall Of Famer and commentator for "NXT," Booker T, has been vocal about how he’s not quite sold on what Quincy has to offer, prompting some people online to accuse him of "homophobia."

"Let’s get this straight — I’m not homophobic, okay?" Booker responded on his latest "Hall Of Fame" podcast. "I have nothing against people making their choice of who they want to love, who they want to sleep with. I don’t care; that’s not my business. But Quincy … Quincy might have to give me a reason to like him. I didn’t like Goldust in the beginning, okay? But then Goldust turned out to be one of the greatest acts in the history of this business. I don’t think I can be homophobic and work with someone like Goldust."

Booker explained that he’s even willing to work an angle with Quincy in the future if it gives him the exposure needed to reach that next level. "But I’m not doing that for the sake [of making] the LGBTQ community feel better, okay? I’m not doing it for those reasons. I’m doing it because it’s a show and that’s what we do. So like you said, those things, when I’m out there doing commentary, I’m doing nothing but my job and that is to entertain you, people." Since debuting on the main "NXT" show, Quincy remains undefeated on television, with wins over both Sean Gallagher and Xyon Quinn.