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Quad Webb and Anila Sajja are feuding with Toya Bush-Harris.

Married to Medicine” star Anila Sajja found herself in the hot seat a few times at the reunion for the current season. Other cast members took issue with her and Quad Webb attempting to link Toya Bush-Harris to the break-in. As we recently reported, Anila and Quad thought the timing of everything was suspicious. Days prior, Dr. Heavenly Kimes told Toya that she thought Anila brought the woman who accused Toya of cheating to Quad’s party. This led to Toya going off on Anila and the woman. It later came out that Quad actually invited the woman to the event. Anila made this revelation to Toya while the cast was at Blue Ridge Mountain.

Anila went on to tell Toya that she was starting to feel as if Quad set her up to take the fall for the situation. Interestingly enough, Quad had the same feelings about Anila. And she said that Anila was the one who told her about the rumor that alleged that Toya cheated on Dr. Eugene Harris with a neighbor.

This came up again at the Season 9 reunion. Quad once again said that Anila was the one who heard the rumor first. And she then proceeded to repeat it to Quad. Since Quad was upset with Toya, she brought it on the show to hurt Toya.

This didn’t sit well with Anila and she denied ever calling Quad to repeat the rumor.

Well, Anila had more to say. And she blasted Quad as well as Dr. Contessa Metcalfe.

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