WWE has seen many championships come and go throughout its history just as it has professional wrestlers. One title that many fans remember from WWE’s Attitude Era and the year following is the Hardcore Championship, which had similar rules to the current 24/7 Championship. The Hardcore Championship could be defended any place at any time and commonly involved weapons — which is where the "Hardcore" part of the title came into place.

Former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Raven holds the record for most Hardcore Championship reigns in the history of the company, with WWE acknowledging he won the title 27 times. However, during a sign-it live with "K & S WrestleFest," Raven clarified how many times he won the Hardcore Championship throughout its existence.

"39-time," Raven said. "I counted them. At the time, after about 15 everybody was telling me, talking about how many they had. ‘I better keep count all these because I didn’t think that they would keep track of them. I ended up getting 39 and then, for some reason they have 27. So, I don’t know."

The first Hardcore Championship Raven won, that has been acknowledged, came in December 2000 and lasted 31 days which ended up being his longest reign with the title. On paper, Raven currently sits sixth all time in the amount of days as Hardcore Champion, as he is behind talent such as Steve Blackman and Rob Van Dam.

Raven’s only title he won in WWE was the Hardcore Championship, finding most of his success outside of WWE in companies such as the now defunct WCW and ECW — even winning the ECW World Heavyweight Championship on two occasions.

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