Just when it seemingly appears that Bray Wyatt is at war with himself on WWE programming, a former WWE talent has indicated that he’d like to fight his own former gimmick in a specific type of match.

"I would love to do it [Matt Cardona vs. Zack Ryder] in a cinematic match," Cardona told Sportskeeda. "I don’t have the skills to do that kind of edit job. If there’s someone listening who knows how to do it, I would love how to do it … I’ve thought about doing something like that before. It’d be really, really fun."

Matt Cardona began performing as Zack Ryder for WWE in December 2007, keeping the ring name until his exit from the promotion in 2020. During his tenure with the Stamford-based company, Ryder won the WWE Tag Team Championship twice with Curt Hawkins, the WWE United States Championship once, and won the WWE Intercontinental Championship once by winning a seven-man ladder match at WrestleMania 32 in 2016. Cardona also coined the catchphrase "Woo Woo Woo!" during his tenure and, in an attempt to get himself over during a period without storylines on television, created the Internet Championship that featured during a personal weekly YouTube series in 2011.

Cardona, who now makes regular appearances on the independent scenes for promotions such as Game Changer Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), and Impact Wrestling, departed WWE after 15 years with the company in April 2020, due to budgets cuts related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following his departure from WWE, Cardona found success on the independent circuit by establishing himself as a heel. Cardona has gone on to capture the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, GCW World Championship, and the Impact Digital Media Championship during his time away from WWE.