While CM Punk’s future with AEW remains unclear following the now-infamous post-All Out backstage altercation involving The Elite that transpired in September, Billy Corgan — owner of the National Wrestling Alliance and Smashing Pumpkins frontman — doesn’t see Punk going anywhere.

In an interview with "Ten Count," Corgan explained that he knows Punk personally but has not "talked wrestling with him for years," but also added that he would be shocked if Punk exited AEW, not giving any credence to the reports of his potential departure.

"I would just assume that he’s going to stay, and they’re going to figure it out, because I think he’s a benefit and a bonus to them," he said. "And I think, in the same in reverse — I think they’ve done a good thing in bringing him back to professional wrestling where he belongs because he’s such an immensely talented guy."

And while AEW President Tony Khan has remained evasive in not answering questions or commenting on Punk’s status in AEW, Corgan believed that "it’s just part of a bigger negotiation going on behind the scenes" that gives more attention to the subject by not having Punk front and center and remaining a mystery. "It’s wrestling, so why wouldn’t we think it’s an angle on some other level?" he asked.

However, if Punk truly was on his way out the door in AEW, Corgan has no delusions that he’d be in the running to acquire Punk’s services. "I would be hard-pressed to imagine he’d want to come to the NWA, given his other opportunities," he said. "Certainly, there are other companies that are bigger and can offer him a bigger payday."