Butch has recalled the time Paul "Triple H" Levesque and Chris Jericho were having a conversation when he was seeking advice. Today, Butch is a main roster star on the "WWE SmackDown" brand, but he has reflected on the time he and Tyler Bate were simply trying to earn an opportunity. Appearing on "Out of Character with Ryan Satin," Butch talked about the time he and Bate waited for a chat between Levesque and Jericho to end before receiving feedback on their tryout match.

"He was actually talking to Chris Jericho," Butch said. "We stood by the rail really awkwardly, and we thought, ‘We gotta get five minutes with him if we can.’ Then eventually, Jericho turned around and asked us if we’re okay, what we needed. We said, ‘Oh, we just wanted to make sure everything you saw was okay. If there’s anything we can do different to improve, get your thoughts.’ Triple H basically just said, ‘No, it was great,’ and then Jericho said just give me five minutes, I’ll come talk to you. We had a really good chat with him, and he had some really kind words to say."

Butch played a key role in the launch of the now-defunct "NXT UK" brand. He was a part of a big angle during the introduction of the WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament, where he attacked Sam Gradwell. He believes that angle can be seen as the early origin of the Butch character.

"When I think back to my initial moment in WWE that connected me with so many people, it was that," Butch said. "The unpredictable nature of me running across the stage and taking out Gradwell, and just causing absolute chaos."