Former WWE "Raw" Tag Team Champion Omos is having an eventful week, starting with his "battle of the giants" match against Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel and wrapping up with his first visit home to Nigeria in 14 years. As first reported by TMZ, Omos followed up WWE’s trip to Saudi Arabia by returning to his family’s home in Lagos with a camera crew. A video captures relatives greeting Omos with hugs and kisses, while some even grow emotional at the sight of the WWE star they grew up with.

It’s noted in TMZ’s coverage that Omos will make "a major announcement" while he is visiting his family, though there’s no hint yet at what that might be. The towering, athletic powerhouse first signed a contract with WWE in January 2019, eventually becoming a "Raw" Tag Team Champion alongside AJ Styles and having feuds with top stars like Bobby Lashley and, as mentioned, Strowman. Though Omos dominated the majority of his match against Strowman at Crown Jewel last Saturday, Strowman still pulled out the victory after lifting up the 416 lb giant for a powerslam.

After first signing his contract, Omos typically wrestled during "NXT" house shows. He would make his first appearances on the main roster as a part of Akira Tozawa’s ninja stable. Omos was referred to as "The Great Ninja," but that direction for his character ultimately wouldn’t last long. Following "The Great Ninja" stint, Omos returned to WWE television as the bodyguard for Shane McMahon during the now-defunct Raw Underground segments. When that disbanded, "The Nigerian Giant" started his alliance with Styles — the first step leading him to where he is now as a full-time competitor.