It was during the Barbed Wire Deathmatch between Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston that Anna Jay turned heel, officially joining the Jericho Appreciation Society in the process; since then she hasn’t looked back. However, in order to be part of the group, she had to walk away from The Dark Order, and recently she told "Pro Wrestling Illustrated" that was a price worth paying as she "could never turn down an opportunity to work with somebody like Chris Jericho."

"I’ll always love my Dark Order guys, but you know it’s kind of one of those things … He’s [Jericho] someone who’s probably the most talented person I know in the wrestling business, so to work with him is … something I never thought I’d be able to do," she explained. Another benefit of being in the J.A.S. for Jay was to pair up with Tay Melo once again as they had developed a friendship in the past fighting common enemies.

Jericho recently inked a new contract extension with AEW that is going to see his backstage role with the company expand to include producing while serving as a creative advisor. However, that is something that he has been doing already with the members of the J.A.S. "As far as training, you know maybe not hands-on in-ring, but as far as everything that I do he watches and gives me critique, tells me what I did good or what I did wrong," Jay added. "He tells me what I could do better, that’s always the case and that’s with all members of the J.A.S."

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