The former Pete Dunne has been making a new name for himself as of late, fighting alongside Ridge Holland and Sheamus under the moniker "Butch."

The former WWE NXT United Kingdom Champion recently appeared on the "Out of Character" podcast and was asked about the difference between his time on the main roster, and his time down in WWE’s developmental promotion NXT, but found himself unable to compare the experiences.

"There was a whole group of us that were flying in for a chance at a big company after wrestling for 10+ years on the independents," Butch explained. "Most of us already had a bond with each other." Butch explains that his era of "WWE NXT," which was approximately from 2016 until he was brought to the main roster in 2022, benefitted from the match-based storytelling, as well as the way NXT TakeOver events structured the schedule.

"You could almost live Takeover to Takeover," Butch said. "The week of TV was great but people knew you could just tune in for Takeover and see those one-off great matches, 4-5 times a year. So everything built to that, everything was built around that, and it wasn’t so much of a variety show as the main roster can be, also it wasn’t catered to that big of an audience though it was still very big right? It was still very niche and all of us had that bond backstage, so it’s hard to compare it to what NXT was or even what NXT is now."

"WWE NXT" has undergone a series of aesthetic and philosophical changes as of late, with the transition to "NXT 2.0" bringing the "variety show" feeling that Butch has mentioned, and brief move away from the "Takeover" nomenclature. However, "WWE NXT" has seen a return to the black and gold color scheme that was popular during Butch’s initial run with the brand.